How to Program the Key Fob For An XJ8

Written by john smith | 13/05/2017
How to Program the Key Fob For An XJ8
Program the keyless FOB for your Jaguar XJ8. (keyless remote image by Ray Kasprzak from

Control the locking system on your Jaguar XJ8 model car by programming the remote key FOB. The FOB looks like a small remote with several buttons on the front and it has a ring that lets you attach it to your key chain. This device has a wireless transmitter that sends a signal to the locking mechanism in the Jaguar. You can't use just any key FOB, you must use the right one that goes with your year's model.

Enter the Jaguar from the driver side and leave the door open.

Grab the selector arm that controls the highbeam lights and pull it toward you. Don't pull any farther than the selector will comfortably allow, as doing so might damage the selector.

Put the Jaguar key into the ignition and turn once clockwise. This ignition setting is knows as the "1" or "ACC" position.

Release the selector so that it rests back at its original position.

Pull the selector, then release it another four times. On the final release you will hear a chime to signal that your Jaguar is set to programming mode.

Press the "Lock" button on your XJ8 keyless FOB.

Remove the key from the XJ8 ignition to exit programming mode.

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