How to Lubricate Campagnolo Hubs

Updated July 20, 2017

Campagnolo is famous for its range of professional high-performance road bike hubs. Lubrication is crucial to maintain this level of performance.

Reveal the lubrication port by rotating the metal oil clip around the barrel of the hub. The lubrication port is a 2-mm-diameter hole located in the centre of the hub body. Lower-range Campagnolo hubs do not have a lubrication port.

Remove any dirt or residue from the area surrounding the lubrication port using a clean rag. This will ensure that the new lubricant will not contaminate the hub internals.

Select the appropriate lubricant. Use low-viscosity waterproof ball bearing grease. Most good bike shops will stock a range of lubricants and will be able to advise you of the most suitable product. Phil Wood Waterproof Grease is widely recommend by bicycle mechanics.

Attach the lubricant to a grease injection pump gun. Inject the lubricant into the port gradually. Spin the axle to encourage the lubricant to spread inside the hub to the bearings. No more lubricant in required when the lubricant begins to back up out of the port.

Wipe away any excess grease from the hub externals. Twist the oil clip around the barrel until the lubrication port is fully concealed.


If your hub does not have a lubrication port, then lubrication is not possible and the hub must be periodically repacked with fresh grease to maintain performance. Campagnolo hubs should be lubricated every few thousand miles to maintain performance. If the hub has been subjected to wet conditions, it is necessary to lubricate it more frequently.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean rag
  • Waterproof ball bearing grease
  • Grease injection pump gun
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