How to Use a Mercedes-Benz Integrated Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

A standard feature in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the Bluetooth feature, which is a hands-free phone system that allows you to use the phone without ever removing it from your handbag or pocket. Any Bluetooth-capable phone will connect to your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, allowing you the added safety of not using your hands while talking and driving. Your calls are made and received using one button on your steering wheel. Voices are heard through your Mercedes speakers.

Make a phone call on your Bluetooth-connected phone by pushing the "Talk" button on your steering wheel. Your Mercedes will then say, "Phone."

Tell your Mercedes who to call from your cell phone's phone book. For example, if you'd like to call your mother and she is listed in your cell phone as "Mom," say out loud, "Call Mom." If your mom has several phone numbers listed, your car will ask you if you want to call Mom on her mobile, at home or at work. To eliminate the extra talking, just say, "Call Mom on cell," right from the start.

Listen as your car says, "Calling Mom on cell," and wait until your mom picks up the phone or leave her a voice message. You can also call numbers not listed in your phonebook by providing your car with the phone number to call. For example, say, "Call 555-555-5555," and your car will call the number you dictated.

End your call by holding down the "Talk" button on your steering wheel.

Answer incoming calls by first looking at your radio screen to see who is calling. Your caller identification will flash the name and/or number of your caller on the screen.

Push the "Talk" button on your steering wheel to answer your phone.

Push and hold down the "Talk" button on your steering wheel to ignore the call.

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