People Can't Connect to My Teamspeak Server

Updated April 17, 2017

The TeamSpeak voice-over-IP application uses a client/server architecture to connect users for voice communication. One user or remote system starts the server program, and users running the client program may connect to the server while it is running. If clients cannot connect to a server, the problem lies in either the security settings of the operating system or the server settings created by the server administrator.

Check the system's connection to the proper network. In order for clients to connect over a local network, the server system must be connected to that network. The server must have Internet connectivity before clients can connect over the Internet.

Ensure the server system's firewall is not blocking the TeamSpeak application, and add an exception if necessary. Change these settings in Windows via the "Security Center" or "Windows Firewall" Control Panel icon, or from the "Sharing" section of OSX's System Preferences menu. Third party firewalls will need configuration from their respective application interfaces.

Ensure the clients have the correct IP address for the connection. Give the clients the server system's internal IP for connecting to a server connected to the same router or private network, and give clients the external IP for connecting over the Internet. View the current IP addresses in Windows by typing "ipconfig/all" into the Command Prompt window and pressing "Enter." In OSX, click on the "Network" icon in the System Preferences window and choose a location.

Give the clients the correct server password, if applicable. Note that TeamSpeak passwords are case-sensitive.

Check the server's blacklist text file. If a client's IP is added to this file, the client will not be able to connect. View and edit the file from the TeamSpeak server directory.


TeamSpeak is a free program for non-commercial use. Download the server or client software from the TeamSpeak website.

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