My JBL On Stage Won't Play Sound

The JBL On Stage is a portable speaker device that allows you to amplify music playing on your Apple iPod. It comes with different adaptors that allow you to place your iPod Touch, Classic or Nano in the JBL On Stage cradle and have your device charge while playing back music. If there is no sound coming from the JBL On Stage speakers, there are several troubleshooting methods you can try.

Look on the back of the JBL On Stage device to see if the LED status light is glowing white. If it is not glowing, you will need to troubleshoot the power connection before proceeding.

Check both ends of the JBL On Stage power supply to make sure it is firmly plugged into the back of the device and a working electrical socket.

Open the battery door on the bottom of the JBL On Stage and replace the six AA batteries with known working ones.

Press the power button on the back of the JBL On Stage to turn the device on again.

Tap on the plus symbol on the front of the JBL On Stage to increase the volume of the speakers. If the volume was previously turned down all the way, it may appear that the speakers are not working.

Remove your iPod from the docking station, make sure that you are using the proper docking adaptor, and then firmly plug the iPod back into the dock.

Check the audio controls on your iPod. Make sure the device is not on pause and that the iPod's volume is not turned down or muted.

Things You'll Need

  • JBL On Stage
  • iPod Touch, Classic or Nano
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