How to remove ink tags with rubber bands

Sometimes a cashier forgets to remove an ink tag from an item of clothing during purchasing. Returning to the store with the receipt to have the tag removed may not be possible for some customers. The customer needs to remove the tag carefully at home. Ink tags help deter shoplifters from taking the merchandise. If broken or triggered, the ink capsules break inside the tag. The ink spills onto the item, causing a stain.

Hold the rubber band so it's flat. Slip it around the pin and pull gently so one end of the band is around it. The ink compartment of the tag should face down. Hold the piece of the clothing with the sensor tag as far as possible from the rest of the item of clothing. This way, if the capsule should crack, the ink will get on less of the clothing.

Wrap the rubber band around the pin. It will loosen the pin's hold.

Grip the larger part of the ink tag with one hand.

Pull the pin off with your other hand. If the pin won't come out, wrap another rubber band around the pin.


Watch the cashier to make sure they remove all the ink tags. Check the clothing after you leave the store for ink tags.

Things You'll Need

  • Wide rubber bands
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