How Do I Download My Virgin Vbox to My Computer?

Updated March 23, 2017

Virgin's Media Vbox allows subscribers to digitally record broadcast television for storage on the internal drive, with an option expanded hard drive for greater storage. While subscribers may use the unit (and the drive) it is still considered the property of Virgin Media and therefore tightly restricted. As such, both the USB and Ethernet ports are disabled. Downloading from the Vbox to a computer requires moving the recorded program onto a DVD and then from the disc to the computer.

Plug the DVD recorder into the Vbox using a SCART cable connection. Keep the television connected through the top slot with the DVD recorder plugged into the lower one.

Program the external input on the DVD recorder (AV1, AV2, HDMI, etc.).

Select the program you wish to place on the DVD and select the "Copy" option. It may be necessary to adjust the settings on the DVD recorder, including quality and file format, in order to fit the entire program on the disc. Copying will take some time.

Place the DVD into the computer's DVD drive.

Open the DVD ripping software.

Select the DVD and save the contents to the PC. It may be necessary to change the file format in order to play the program on the computer. Video players, such as VLC Player and Windows Media Player, are capable of playing several format types. Conversion software or codex downloads may be necessary to make the program work on the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD recorder with a SCART connection
  • Computer with a DVD drive
  • DVD rip software
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