How to Get Glue From Braces off of Your Teeth

Updated February 21, 2017

After your orthodontist removes your braces, she will also have to remove the glue that was helping hold your braces in place. This glue will be stuck to your teeth in various places, and it will actually take the dentist just as long, if not longer, to remove the glue from your teeth as it took her to remove your braces. Braces can typically be removed in two to five minutes, and removing glue from your teeth can take up to five minutes.

Let your orthodontist know if you typically experience sensitivity in your teeth during dental procedures. You'll want to tell her this before she begins removing the glue from your teeth, so she can take extra precautions during the process. Some patients may experience slight sensitivity during the process, but it's not common.

Make sure you understand exactly what your orthodontist is going to do before she begins removing the glue from your teeth. Understanding the process and knowing what each tool will be used for will help alleviate any anxiety you may feel. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and listen attentively as your orthodontist explains the process to you.

Be prepared for your orthodontist to use special pliers to scrape away the large pieces of excess glue from your teeth. Open your mouth wide enough for the pliers to easily fit inside, and stay still while your orthodontist scrapes the glue from your teeth. If some of the pieces are difficult to remove, you may feel some pressure during this part of the process.

Relax while your orthodontist readies the polishing handpiece. This tool is used to remove the remainder of the glue and make sure the surface of your teeth is smooth and clean. The handpiece is specially designed to polish away the glue without damaging the surface of your teeth. You may experience some sensitivity during this part of the procedure. Be sure to let your orthodontist know if you're in pain.

Things You'll Need

  • Special pliers
  • Polishing handpiece
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