How to Manually Install a Sony XR-C210

Updated July 20, 2017

The Sony XR-C210 is a car radio/cassette player released by Sony in the mid 1990s. It came equipped with many features that would become standard on later models, including a detachable front panel, preset stations and automatic tuning. Perhaps the feature it is best known for is support for compatible CD changers. Since this model does not come standard in any vehicle, enjoying all the XR-C210 has to offer requires that it be installed manually.

Turn off your vehicle's electricity. This can be done by opening the bonnet, and disconnecting the negative battery cable from terminal.

Remove the existing stereo. This process tends to vary somewhat depending on the vehicle, but in most cases, you want to remove the trim panels around the stereo, which may require you to remove a few screws and clips. You may also need to remove screws that are actually holding the unit in place within the dashboard.

Pull the old stereo out just enough to reach the wires attached to the back of the unit.

Disconnect the power and antenna cables from the old stereo. These cables are typically black and thick, making them easy to distinguish from the wires in the harness.

Disconnect the collection of wires on the old radio from factory harness in your vehicle. This can be done by grabbing hold of the clip on the plastic connecter and pressing down to release the wires. Once the wires of have been disconnected, the old stereo can be taken out completely.

Connect the wires of the Sony XR-C210 to the wire harness attached to your vehicle. This process varies depending on the vehicle, but for reference, you will usually be looking for anywhere from four to eight coded wires. In most cases, the negative wires are identified by a black stripe, while the positive wires are identified by a white stripe. Once you have matched up the wires, snap them down with the clip of the factory harness to make sure they are secure.

Place the Sony XR-C210 firmly in the dashboard slot. Plug the power and antenna cables into the back of the stereo, reconnect the battery cable, and test the unit to make sure everything is working properly. Aside from checking for power, you could test the balance setting to ensure that both speakers are producing sound.

Reassemble the dashboard. Once you are certain that everything is order, reinsert the screws, clips and any other hardware you may have removed to take out the old radio.


If the Sony XR-C210 is smaller than the radio you are replacing, you will need to buy an adaptor kit to make sure it's properly in the vehicle. The wires on the Sony XR-C210 may not be fully compatible with the harness in your vehicle. If this is the case, you may need to purchase an adaptor kit to avoid having to cut the wires from the factory harness inside your car.

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