How to Connect a Mac to an HDTV Wirelessly

Updated March 23, 2017

Apple computer owners who wish to connect a computer to a TV have two ways to do so. Either purchase an Apple TV console or purchase and download a program and wirelessly stream content to your Xbox 360 to play through your TV. Both options prevent you from using your TV as a monitor; to do so requires a wired connection, but you can stream video and audio connect directly from your Apple computer to your TV using either method. The cheapest and simplest way to connect your Mac is via Apple TV. You only need to purchase an Apple TV and an HDMI cable.

Connect the Apple TV to your HDTV via an HDMI high-speed cable. A standard HDMI cable might not be able to stream dense video content consistently. Plug the Apple TV power cable to the back of the unit and plug it into a wall outlet or surge protector strip.

Connect your Mac computer to your home wireless network.

Launch iTunes on your Mac. Choose "Advanced" and select "Turn on Home Sharing." Enter your Apple ID and password and click "Create Home Share."

Turn on your TV and select the video input corresponding to the HDMI post you have used to connect the Apple TV.

Choose "Settings" on the Apple TV menu. Select "Computers" in the following menu. Select "Turn On Home Sharing." Enter your Apple ID and Password.

Choose content from your iTunes library on your Mac. The content will play through the Apple TV onto your HDTV screen.


The Connect 360 program requires paying to download the file and absorb a £13 fee (as of 2011). You also need an Xbox 360 and HDMI cable. The Apple TV costs £64 (as of 2011).

Things You'll Need

  • Apple TV (optional)
  • HDMI high-speed cable
  • Internet service
  • Wireless router
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