How to transfer playlists from a USB device to a BMW radio

Written by mark slingo | 13/05/2017
How to transfer playlists from a USB device to a BMW radio
MP3 players have revolutionised personal audio. (musique image by Christophe Schmid from

It has become increasingly popular to store music on hard drives in ".mp3" or ".mp4" format. Storage devices with large hard drives such as the iPod, enable users to store thousands of tracks on a single device, rather than multiple discs. BMW owners can transfer music from their USB device to the BMW iDrive system by plugging it into a provided USB port.

Connect the USB device to the USB port in the centre console or the glove box.

Press the menu button and scroll to "CD/ Multimedia." Choose the USB icon displaying "Not Connected."

Turn the iDrive control knob to the right. Scroll down and click on the option "Music Data Import/Export."

Highlight the "Import New Music (USB)" option and click on it. A percentage bar will appear, accompanied by a sign displaying "Importing Music." If the sign displays "No USB Attached," remove the USB and turn off the iDrive system. Turn off the engine and get out of the car. Use the remote lock and wait 4 minutes or more before trying again.

Select "USB1" and click on the "Option" button. Highlight "Rename Album" and click on it. Use the back key to erase the "USB1" tag. Rename the playlist using the iDrive knob. Click on "OK."

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