How to start a mobile beauty business

Updated March 23, 2017

The beauty industry overall is big business, with women and men alike taking advantage of a wide range of products from cosmetics to skin care. However, a unique twist on this industry is taking your beauty business mobile. After all, this is the age of convenience, and taking the services and products to the people buying them almost ensures repeat business. Starting a mobile beauty business requires little start-up and tons of creativity and ingenuity.

Choose your particular product niche. The best way to determine the products you will sell depends on the demand in your community. For example, local stay-at-home mums might be looking for quick-fix skincare products and all-in-one beauty products; professionals might on the search for a new cosmetic or a day-to-night transitional product.

Establish a business plan and corresponding financing to get your business up and running. Submit all appropriate paperwork with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regarding the type of business you are starting, be it a corporation, limited company, partnership or a sole trader. Write up a business plan that includes information on short- and long-term goals, marketing plans, financing, anticipated pitfalls and ideas on how to make your business grow.

Stock up on supplies. While you can have a mail-order beauty business -- and there are some very successful ones -- customers like instant gratification and they will appreciate delivery of items right to their door.

Buy an appropriate vehicle. A van is best for this type of business because you can install shelves in the back to stock your beauty supplies. However, if you are unable to afford a new vehicle and have to rely on your car, pack your supplies neatly into clear bins that easily slide into the back seat or boot of your car.

Promote your business via traditional and non-traditional methods of advertising. In addition to newspaper, TV and radio advertising, purchase a wrap for your car. This type of advertising is priceless because everywhere you go on a daily basis means advertising for your business. Include a catchy image, the name of your business, your phone number and website address. Don't discount the power of social media as well, taking advantage of sites like Facebook and Twitter to get new customers.

Develop contacts with both individual customers and local businesses that will allow you to come in and sell your products. Contract with local businesses for a percentage of your sales. This allows you access to a built-in customer base without constantly having to find new ones. Good pairings include hair and nail salons, spas and clothing boutiques.

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