How to Install Door Speakers on a Suzuki SX4

Updated February 21, 2017

The Suzuki SX4 compact is factory equipped with two pairs of speaker -- a pair in the front doors, and a pair in the rear doors. To install new speakers in the SX4, you'll need to remove the existing speakers first. This involves some disassembly of the interior door panels, but the job can be accomplished with some basic hand tools and a modest investment of your time.

Pry off the small triangular "sail" panel at the upper front edge of the door using the tip of your panel tool.

Remove a Phillips screw from behind the door release handle.

Pry up the power switch panel in front of the armrest with a panel tool. Remove two Phillips screws located below the panel.

Pry around the edges of the door panel with your panel tool until the panel is loose. Lift the panel up and off of the door.

Remove four Phillips screws from the edge of the speaker. Pull out the speaker, and disconnect the wiring plug connected to the back.

Plug the new speaker into the wiring harness. Test the speaker's operation, and place it in the door, securing it with the screws. Replace the door panel.


You can purchase a panel tool at auto parts stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Panel tool
  • Phillips screwdriver
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