How to Replace the Broken Side Mirror Glass in a VW Golf

A Volkswagen Golf is a small hatchback car. Just like any other car it has the possibility of the glass breaking in one or both side mirrors of the car. This can occur during an accident, or by someone hitting the glass with a shopping trolley or some other object. Replacing the glass is a simple process. Completing this project at home will save the expense of having a mechanic complete the job at a much higher rate.

Order replacement glass for your Volkswagen Golf vehicle. You can always order replacement glass from a dealer. Auto body stores and online stores may also carry the right kind of glass. Make sure to order glass for your vehicle year. Glass sizes may vary from year to year.

Park the car in a sunny location. Connect the extension cord to the heat gun so you can reach the mirror. Heat the surface of the glass for about five minutes. The glass will be hot to the touch, so work carefully. Wear the work gloves to protect your hands from the heat and from glass shards.

Use the pliers and a flathead screwdriver to remove the pieces of the old mirror. If the mirror seems stubborn, break the middle of the mirror with the back of the screwdriver to make it easier to remove the pieces. Place the pieces of broken glass into a dustbin.

Check the inside of the mirror to make sure you have removed all broken pieces that may have slipped down inside the interior of the mirror. Use pliers to remove stray glass.

Pry the old glue from the mirror frame using a putty knife. If the glue is stubborn, heat it with the heat gun to soften it up and make it easier to remove. Wipe the frame with a soft cloth to remove remaining glue residue.

Apply glue around the mirror frame. Spread the glue evenly with the putty knife for a secure fit. Make sure you're installing the correct piece of glass for the side of mirror that is broken. Press the mirror piece onto the frame. Hold in place for about a minute.

Wrap the frame of the mirror with electrical tape to hold the glass in place as it dries. Do not use duct tape, as it can leave a residue on the mirror and frame, which can be difficult to remove. Allow the mirror to dry for 24 hours before removing the tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
  • Waterproof silicone glue
  • Putty knife
  • Heat gun
  • Soft cloths
  • Extension cord
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Work gloves
  • Electrical tape
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