How to Send a Message to a Landline

Written by jessica best | 13/05/2017

SMS or short message service--better known as "text messaging"--involves a cellular user sends a written message, similar to an e-mail, to another mobile phone. What many people do not know is that text messages also can be sent to landline phones as well as other mobile phones. When the user on the other end receives a text message to a landline. The phone rings as usual and when the other person answers the call, an automated voice will deliver the text message.

Open the messaging menu on the mobile phone. This menu can be identified by either saying "Messaging" or having an envelope icon.

Select "New." A new window opens up with a blank text message.

Select the recipient and type the desired message.

Click "Send." The message is sent to the recipients landline phone and is received with an automated voice.

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