Ways to cover a bald spot on a woman

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're a female facing hair loss, it can be an embarrassing ordeal. Many types of medication regimens -- such as chemotherapy for cancer treatment -- have hair loss as a side effect. Nutritional deficiencies can also lead to patches of little or no hair. Finally, genetics sometimes plays a part, with some ethnic groups being more at risk for thinning hair than others. If you're a woman who needs to cover a bald spot, don't despair. There are many options for you.


Wigs are one of the more obvious choices when a woman needs to cover a bald spot. They come in all different sizes, colours and styles. Unfortunately, cost can sometimes be a factor in getting one, since well-made wigs run from several hundreds of pounds to over a thousand. However, if you lost your hair due to a medical condition, or treatment for one, a wig may be covered on the NHS. See Resources for more information on this.


Scarves can be a chic and affordable option for covering bald spots, and are especially helpful outdoors, where they protect remaining hair from the elements. Scarves can be made of lighter fabrics, such as cotton or linen, for summertime, and wool or flannel for warmth in the winter.


Hats are another stylish option to cover bald spots on women. They are made for every season and occasion, and allow you to show off your personality in addition to covering your head. They can also grant you a bit of self-confidence, which you may be lacking due to hair loss.


Turbans are one of the newer options when it comes to covering a woman's bald spot. They are fashionable and very comfortable. Available in a variety of fabrics, from silk for special occasions to terry cloth for everyday wear, turbans are a way to disguise hair loss and make a fashion statement at the same time.


If you have enough existing hair, extensions can be a viable option to hide bald spots. Simply arrange them in such a way -- or have a professional stylist do it for you -- that the extensions fall naturally over the unwanted spot.


If your bald spot is small enough, consider dyeing it to match the rest of your hair. Use caution, however, since not all types of hair dye are suitable for bare skin. Consult your physician or a professional stylist about what type of dye would be best for this purpose.

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