How to Find Recovered Documents in Word

Updated March 23, 2017

Finding your recovered Word documents can make the difference between rewriting your whole document again and being late or handing in your document on time. Even if you did not save your document, Microsoft Word has the ability to monitor your document. After you have the document open for five minutes, Microsoft flashes an "Auto Recovery" notice that temporarily saves your document. Recovering a document can become useful when your computer unexpectedly shuts down without warning.

Click "Start," type the documents name into the "Start Search" text box, and then press "Enter."

Wait for your computer to search through your hard drive. The search will take five to 20 minutes, depending on the size of and number of files in your hard drive.

Right-click the file, and then click the "Open File Location" option to recover said file.

Press "Start" and type ".doc," ".wbk," ".tmp," or "~" into the "Start Search" text box.

Press "Enter" to start the search. Your computer will begin to search your hard drive for recovered documents. All of the saved, temporary and newly saved documents will appear on the "Search" menu.

Scroll through the Word documents. Right-click the file, and then click the "Open File Location" option to recover the file.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Microsoft" and "Microsoft Word."

Wait for the application to start, and then click "File" and "Recent."

Click "Recover Unsaved Documents," scroll through the files, and then right-click the file. Click "Open File Location" to recover said file.

Open Microsoft Word, and then click the Microsoft Office button.

Click "Word Options" and "Save." Under the "Auto Recover File Location" box, type in the path of the file that you found, and then press "Cancel."

Close Microsoft Word, and then open the folder with the document. Double-click the file to open it through Microsoft Word.

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