Instructions for Programming a Panasonic KX-T7030 Phone System

Updated February 21, 2017

The Panasonic KX-T7030 is a speakerphone that can display 12 lines. This phone offers customisation for personal preferences and programmable buttons for quick dialling. Features include a mute button and those for forwarding, transferring and intercom/conference use.

Set the contrast of the display by moving the "Contrast" selector switch to the desired setting. You have the choice between "High," "MD" and "Low."

Determine if you want to use a headset or a handset while at your desk. Move the "Handset/Headset" switch to the desired option.

Adjust the volume of the headset or handset by using the "Handset Volume" selector. Move the selector to set the desired volume level.

Set the volume of the ringer by moving the "Ringer" selection switch. You have the option for "High," "Low" or "Off."

Change the volume level of the speaker by using the "Volume" selector. Slide the selector to the desired volume level.

Verify that you have the handset set on the hook. Set the "Memory" switch to the "Program" option to put the phone in programming mode.

Press the programmable feature button "F" that you want to program. Enter the one-touch code to use to dial, such as "3."

Enter the phone number to dial by pressing the numbers on the keypad.

Press the "Auto Dial Store" button to complete the button programming. Move the "Memory" switch to the "Set" option to exit the Programming Mode.

Repeat this process to program another programmable feature button.


If the phone loses power or is unplugged, you will need to reprogram the feature button.

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