How to Make Money from Home by Making Things

People often associate working from home with online positions, such as data entry and customer service. However, you don't have to work online to make money from home. Making things is another way to create a stream of income. Whether you're looking for a way to make money full or part time, with a bit of creativity, you can make money from home by making things.

Research your product's market. For example, if your product saves people money or makes life easier for them, you will likely have success getting others to buy your product. If you often receive compliments on projects you work on or items you make, it's a good sign that people will pay money for them. Make a sample item, list it online for sale. Notice how long it takes you to sell it. If you start receiving inquiries soon after posting the item, you know you have a winner.

Price your product. According to Bankrate, it's important to consider your overhead and profit margin when pricing a product.

Turn your hobby into cash. If you like to paint or refinish furniture, buy used furniture at garage sales. Paint or refinish the items and sell them. Some furniture resellers will list the item "as is" and will custom paint it for a fee, in addition to the item's price.

Make and sell natural products such as candles and soaps. Natural products are sought-after items, as people often strive to avoid chemicals and other harmful agents. Buy the supplies wholesale to increase your profit. To find wholesale suppliers, enter the term "wholesale candle suppliers" into your browser.

Design and make jewellery. Wear your new jewellery pieces. If you get a favourable reaction from people on the street, you know that it's safe to build an inventory.

Sell your items. Start at local farm markets or consignment stores. You can also list your items online on sites such as eBay, Amazon or Having a tag sale is another option. Tag all your items. Display them in your garage and advertise your sale.


Business permit requirements generally vary by state. Contact your State Comptroller's Office regarding any applicable permits in your area. Keep detailed records of all transactions for tax purposes. It's a good idea to patent original products, such as jewellery or ornamental designs so others don't steal your idea.


Selling without a permit is often illegal. In some states, you could incur a fee each day that you work without a permit.

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