How Do I Change the Back of the Headlight on a Suzuki Alto?

Updated February 21, 2017

Although the Suzuki Alto does not have a back headlight, on the back of its headlights it features a rubber weather shroud. This shroud protects the headlight bulb inside the headlight housing from dust and moisture. The rubber shroud can wear over time and become loose and flimsy. Replacing the shroud is a process that can be finished in a few minutes.

Turn off your Suzuki Alto. Prop open the bonnet with the bonnet support rod.

Press inward on the side tabs of the headlight wiring harness. Pull the headlight wiring harness off the headlight socket.

Pull the rubber weather shroud off the headlight housing lip it is stretched around.

Slip the headlight socket through the hole at the centre of the replacement rubber weather shroud. Stretch the replacement rubber weather shroud over the headlight housing lip on the back of the headlight housing to secure it in place. Plug back in the headlight wiring harness.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement rubber shroud
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