How do I Replace a Mercedes SLK Fog Light?

Updated February 21, 2017

Replacing Mercedes SLK fog lights can be a challenge due to their location, behind the moulded fender that reaches low to the ground. They are not easily accessible by conventional means, which is normally from under the hood. However, owners of Mercedes SLK models equipped with the AMG Sport package are able to replace the fog lights directly from the front of the vehicle without having to take it to an authorised dealer for fog light service. The only special equipment needed is a Torx screwdriver, a tool Mercedes frequently uses that fits screws with a star-shaped head.

Switch off all lights before changing any bulbs to prevent a short circuit. Also, disconnect the negative lead from the battery. This is a standard precaution that should be undertaken any time you work with any component of the vehicle's electrical system.

Unscrew the three Torx screws in the plastic mesh insert between the fog lights and the AMG Sport apron on the driver's side of the vehicle. The fog lights are directly below the headlamps. Pull the mesh insert straight out to remove it. Now repeat this process on the passenger side fog lamp.

Unscrew the four standard screws holding the fog lamp inside the housing and remove the metal frame. Slide the fog lamp straight out from the housing, manoeuvring it through the fog lamp port in the AMG Sport apron. Now do the same to remove the passenger side fog lamp.

Put on the rubber gloves to avoid getting any skin oils or contaminants on the new bulb, or use a lint-free cloth to handle the new bulb. Unplug the old fog light from the wire harness and insert the new fog light. Finish installing the fog lamps on both sides of the vehicle.

Insert the fog lamp back through the AMG Sport apron and screw in the four screws holding the metal frame to the vehicle. Replace the mesh insert and screw in the three Torx screws. Reconnect the battery.


The SLK owner's manual advises that an authorised Mercedes Benz technician should replace fog lights. Consult a professional if a newly installed bulb fails to illuminate.

Things You'll Need

  • Torx screwdriver
  • Standard flat blade screwdriver
  • Rubber gloves
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