How to find a withheld phone number

Updated February 21, 2017

There can be a number of reasons why someone would withhold a phone number, but no matter what the cause may be, finding an unknown number can be like looking for needle in a haystack. It is not easy to find a withheld phone number, especially with the existence of mobile phone numbers that are not publicly listed. There are ways to find a withheld phone number via the Internet, and it would be wise to look there before you spend time and resources finding a mystery number through other means.

Browse the Internet and visit websites that let you search for telephone numbers of registered phone owners for a small fee. Websites, such as, or (see Resources) allow you to search their data bases to find a missing telephone number. Open the website and view its home page. Most data-search websites have simple and straightforward program interfaces contained in the home page. Look for the spaces where you can type in the information needed to trace the telephone number.

Type all the necessary information, such as the person's name, city and state, in the spaces provided, and click "Search" to start the search process. Look at the resulting information. Some websites will immediately display any telephone number, especially if the number is a landline number listed in public directories. Other websites will present you with other basic information, such as the age and names of family members, but may give an option to view the phone number and other relevant information for a small fee.

Follow the onscreen prompts that will navigate you to the payment page or window, then enter the necessary information to complete your payment. View the resulting information, including the landline or wireless phone numbers, and save the file to your computer by downloading it.

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