How to remove oil & grease stains from polyester

Polyester is a fabric produced with synthesised polymers. Polyester is durable, quick drying, and resistant against mould and mildew. However, polyester can still develop stains from items such as oil and grease. Oil and grease come in a variety of forms and uses. Whether it is cooking oil or motor grease, removing it from the polyester fabric is done in the same manner. To prevent permanent staining to the polyester, deal with the oil and grease as soon as possible.

Lay the polyester fabric on a flat surface with the oil or grease stain facing upward. Scrape off any remaining oil or grease with a plastic spoon and discard in a rubbish bin.

Pour a small amount of baby powder into a bowl. Dip a powder puff or white cloth into the baby powder. Blot the oil or grease with the baby powdered puff or cloth. Continue blotting for several seconds.

Hold the polyester fabric over a rubbish bin. Dust off the excess baby powder. Place the polyester fabric back onto the flat surface with the stain facing upward.

Apply a pre-wash stain treatment directly onto the oil or grease stain. Rub the pre-wash stain treatment into the fabric. Allow the treatment to soak into the polyester for 15 minutes.

Launder the polyester on the hottest setting allowed for your item.


Grease-cutting liquid dish soap can be used as a substitute for the pre-wash stain treatment.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic spoon
  • Baby powder
  • Bowl
  • Powder puff or white cloth
  • Pre-wash stain treatment
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