How to Use Eheim Classic Filters

Updated March 23, 2017

If you purchase a fish aquarium, you must equip it with filters. Aquarium filters remove debris, waste, ammonia and nitrates from the water. This keeps the water fresh and clean and contributes to the overall health of the fish. Eheim is a German company that has made aquarium filters for years. The company manufactures a line of external canister filters known as Eheim classic filters. The classic filters include the 2213, 225, 2217, 2250 and 2260 models.

Remove the filter media container with the handle. Turn the lid counter-clockwise and open it.

Place the lid on the filter media container. Turn it clockwise so it closes. Put it in the filter canister. Put on the pump head. Make sure the o-ring is correctly fitted. Close the clips.

Put the filter under the aquarium. Make sure it is below water level. Fit the outlet pipe.

Connect the suction pipe and strainer. Attach it to the side of aquarium using the two suction cups. Fit the hose connections to the filter. Make sure the suction side is on the bottom intake nozzle and the pressure side is on the pump head. Fasten hoses using the clamping nut.

Operate the filter. There are three ways to prime the filter. Prime the filter using the starter bulb, the Universal Installation Kit 1 or sucking the hose on the pressure side. Connect the side hose and spray bar as the filter fills with water. The pump switches on as the filter is filled with water. Place the plug into the end of the spray bar once the air bubbles disappear.


Choose a classic filter model. Filter models 2213 - 2215 - 2217 are designed for aquarium sizes up to 600 1. If you have a large aquarium up to a volume of 1500 1, consider models 2250 or 2260. The starter bulb and Universal Installation Kit 1 are sold separately.


This article focuses on the installation and operation of the Eheim classic filter model 2213.

Things You'll Need

  • Pump head
  • Filter canister
  • Pressure side hose connection
  • Suction side hose connection
  • Filter media container
  • Suction pipe
  • Strainer
  • Suction cups with clips
  • Outlet pipe
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