How to Adjust Watch Band Length on the Seiko Cal. 7T62

Manufactured by the Seiko Watch Corporation, the Seiko calibre 7T62 is an analogue wrist watch with alarm and chronograph functions. The stainless steel band on your Seiko 7T62 watch comes with extra links in place, making it possible for you to size the band to fit. Professional jewellers will adjust the band on Seiko wrist watches for a fee, but the adventurous Seiko wearer can adjust his watch band at home with very little trouble.

Place your Seiko cal. 7T62 facedown on a flat surface that has been covered with a handkerchief or soft optical cloth.

Look for small engraved arrows on the back of your Seiko watch band; the small arrows indicate which links can be removed to shorten the length.

Notice how the links of the Seiko watch band are held in place by small metal pins; these pins must be removed in order to free links from the band. Start with the metal pin on the left side of the watch's first removable link; push the pin in the direction indicated by the engraved arrows with a watch-pin removal tool. Pull the pin from the other side of the band with a pair of needle-nose jewellery pliers, if necessary. Use the same process to remove the pin on the right side of the link. With the pins on both sides removed, the link will separate from the band.

Use the process described in Step 3 to adjust your Seiko watch band to the desired length.

Rejoin both halves of the watch band to complete the band adjustment. Hold the links at the ends of the band together tightly. Insert one of the removed metal link pins and push it all the way in.


Watch pins can be accidentally bent during the adjustment process. Contact Seiko customer service to obtain additional watch band pins or links.


Seiko recommends that wearers have their watch bands adjusted by a professional jeweller. Self-adjusting the band on your Seiko watch may void its manufacturer's warranty. Contact Seiko customer service for more information.

Things You'll Need

  • Handkerchief or optical cloth
  • Watch-pin removal tool
  • Needle-nose jewellery pliers
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