How to Convert a Mobile to a Landline

Written by jefe nubarron | 13/05/2017

There are devices available that will allow you to route mobile telephone calls to older-style analogue phones. These docking stations rely on either Bluetooth pairing with your mobile phone or a cable connection. The advantage of such a set-up is that you do not need to make and receive calls at home with a tiny mobile phone. Instead, you can use the existing telephone infrastructure. This also allows you to place your mobile phone in the best location in the house for reception and use existing phone wiring in other parts of the house where reception may be weaker.

Buy a docking station for your cell phone. There are a few devices that will allow you to route calls destined to your mobile to a landline phone instead. The PhoneLabs Dock-N-Talk device uses a dock and cable or Bluetooth to connect your mobile to your existing landline phones, while the Xlink gateway uses a Bluetooth connection.

Connect the docking station to your existing landline phone using a standard RJ-11 phone cable.

Connect other traditional analogue telephones to the docking station through RJ-11 cables attached to the back of the docking station itself.

Pair your mobile phone with the docking station if it uses Bluetooth for connectivity or simply dock it. The dock will also act as a charger. The Bluetooth pairing process will vary according to the mobile phone and docking device you are using.

Ensure that your mobile phone is powered on and that your docking station is set to route calls from your mobile to connected phones. The process will vary according to the device you are using. Consult the manual for your docking station.

Things you need

  • Docking station

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