How to stop a divorce after the papers have been filed

Updated April 17, 2017

Filing for divorce often signals the definitive end of a marriage. Some couples, however, may find a way to work out their differences during the divorce process and may wish to cancel their divorce proceedings, withdraw their divorce papers and continue on with their marriage. After divorce papers have been filed, however, the divorce is considered a legal case in which the outcome ultimately rests in the hands of the court.

Go to the courthouse. The plaintiff (person who filed for divorce) must be present at the courthouse in order to withdraw the divorce petition.

Request from the court clerk that you withdraw your divorce petition. The court clerk will then give the plaintiff an application for the withdrawal of the divorce petition.

Complete the application. After this application has been completed, it will be given to the spouse for completion. Once the spouse completes the application, the divorce case will be terminated.


A divorce petition can only be withdrawn prior to the judge signing off on the divorce decree.

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