How to Troubleshoot a Tassimo Coffee Maker

Updated February 21, 2017

The technology of the Tassimo Home Brewing System by Bosch enables you to select the strength and size of coffee beverage you prefer, then brew it on demand. The unit's attachments are largely dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze. However, like all technological items, errors can occur with your brewer. If your Tassimo coffee maker malfunctions, troubleshoot it with the company's suggested diagnostic steps before replacing the unit or taking it for repair.

Look to see whether a T-disc has been placed in the machine's brewing unit, then press the lid until it clicks to indicate it is properly shut.

Rub the barcode on the T-disc with your finger to smooth it, and wipe the bar code window with a cloth to ensure that the system can read the code properly if the unit remains in "Stand-by" mode.

Replace the T-disc with a fresh disc, then close the lid until it clicks.

Contact Bosch Customer Service if the unit still remains in "Stand-by" mode.

Wipe the bar code window with a clean cloth to ensure that the machine can read the T-disc.

Replace the T-disc with a fresh disc, then push the lid down until it clicks to indicate it is shut properly.

Hold the "Start/Stop" button down to prepare the drink manually if the machine never goes back to "Automatic" mode.

Lift the lid and take out the T-disc. Close the lid.

Take the filter cartridge out of its holder in the water tank of your coffee maker.

Fill the water tank with water, swish it around and pour it out to rinse away any debris. Fill it again, this time leaving the water inside, until the water reaches the "Max" marking.

Take the service T-disc out of its holder on the coffee maker's back side. Put the water tank back in place.

Press the "On" switch. Put an 227gr. cup on the brewing shelf.

Open the top of the coffee maker and put the service T-disc in place, making sure that the barcode faces down and the disc's tab is placed properly in its opening. Shut the lid.

Push "Start/Stop" to clean the machine. When the cup is full, indicating the end of the cycle, dump it. Place the cup back on the brewing shelf, push "Start/Stop" and repeat the cleaning process. Do this a total of five times. Replace the service T-disc in the rear of the machine, put the filter back into the water tank and use a new T-disc when you make your next cup of coffee.

Ensure the piercing unit placement is correct. Open the top of the coffee maker and inspect the T-disc compartment to be sure the piercing unit is making contact with the disc when the unit closes.

Remove the T-disc, T-disc holder, triangular piercing unit and cylindrical drink outlet from the machine. Replace them into the unit to make sure they fit properly.

Put the drink outlet into the hole within the empty compartment.

Line the piercing unit up over the outlet so the top of the outlet fits into the hole on the piercing unit.

Set the T-disc holder in place on top, aligning its cut-out with the shape of the piercing unit.

Put a new T-disc into the T-disc holder. Turn it so that the barcode faces down, and make sure its tab fits into the opening on the right-hand side of the holder.

Press the lid down until it clicks into place.


The telephone number for Bosch Customer Service is 877-834-7271. Unplug and replug the unit to make sure it has a good power connection if the machine does not work or the symbols do not light.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean cloth
  • Replacement T-discs
  • 227gr. cup
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