How to Override Ink on a PhotoSmart C3180

Updated April 17, 2017

The black and colour ink cartridges used in your HP PhotoSmart C3180 printer have an internal expiration date separate from the end of warranty date on the packaging. The expiration date takes into account issues such evaporation that occurs over time and results in faded or low-quality printouts. The HP software lets you temporarily override an ink expiration message each time you attempt to print a document, but the only permanent way to override the expiration date is to install new cartridges.

Put at least one piece of standard, white copy paper in the paper feed input tray at the bottom of the PhotoSmart printer. Hold down the "Cancel" button on the control panel at the top-left side of the printer.

Press the "Start Color Copy" button on the control panel with the "Cancel" button still held down. Release both buttons at the same time to print a test page containing printer ink information.

Check the entry named "# 53" on the test page to see the expiration date of the black and colour cartridges. Check the lower-right corner of your computer's screen to see if an "Ink Expiration" error message has appeared.

Click the "Continue" button to override the ink expiration error message and continue printing anyway. The message will continue to display with each print until you replace the expired cartridge.

Pull open the cartridge access door at the front of the Photosmart printer and wait for the metal ink carriage to slide into view. Squeeze the plastic tab holding the black cartridge in place and pull out the black cartridge.

Repeat the process with the colour cartridge if it is also expired. Push the new HP 92 black and HP 93 colour cartridges into their corresponding slots on the ink carriage. Push the plastic tab back into place and close the access door to permanently override the ink expiration error messages.


HP 92 and HP 93 ink cartridges are available through HP, and they also can be found at office supply stores and other retailers that sell printers.

Things You'll Need

  • Copy paper
  • HP 92 black cartridge
  • HP 93 colour cartridge
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