How to Troubleshoot a Dymo LabelWriter Problem

Updated February 21, 2017

Printing labels conveniently around your house or office is the primary function of the Dymo LabelWriter printer. After many uses, you may begin to experience problems with your printer. Performing basic maintenance and following a few simple steps will save you frustration, money and time. You can remedy faulty printing of characters, open the platen area, clear jammed labels from the printer, know which labels to use in your DYMO, be assured that power is getting to your device and perform a "Self-Test."

Perform a "Self-Test" on the printer, if you are experiencing broken or faded characters. Place a roll of labels in the printer, and push and hold the "Form-Feed" button (located on the front panel of the printer) for 10 seconds. The printer should begin to print lines vertically along the printer. The pattern will change every ¾ inch. Release the button after the test starts. Stop the test by releasing the "Form-Feed" button.

Clear all labels that are jammed in the printer by first tearing off any labels that were successfully fed through. Press the "Platen Release" lever (the lever located on the right side of the roller, under the printer door) forward, which will make space between the printer and roller, and pull the jammed labels out of the roller area.

Correct poor printing quality by first confirming that you are using DYMO-brand labels. Remove third-party labels, as the thermal coating of other labels has a different sensitivity than DYMO-brand labels. The perforated holes of other brands are also not detected by the LabelWriter printers. Replace faulty label rolls if your print quality is faint or produces light or dark patches of printing or small dots of white scattered throughout printed characters. Use the freshest rolls you have to print. Clean the print label head using the clean card that came with your device.

Confirm that your LabelWriter's power cord is still securely seated, if your printer won't print or suddenly loses power while printing. Make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the AC wall outlet and that the outlet is functioning properly. Unplug the LabelWriter from the wall and plug another electrical device into the same outlet to test its functionality. Examine your power cord for damage like cuts or dents. The status light on the front of the printer should be lit if it's receiving power. Push the "Form-Feed" button to confirm that labels feed through the device properly.

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