How to Turn Your Bicycle Into a Spinning Bike

Updated July 18, 2017

Even in bad weather, you can keep those legs toned and lean while enjoying the comfort of your mountain bike. Conquer the elements by turning your mountain bike into a stationary bike.

Clean your bike for indoor use. Lubricate your chain and assure proper shifting.

Remove the nubby mountain bike tire from your rear rim by deflating the tire and prying it off the rim with the tire lever. As the tire loosens from the rim, the tube will follow.

Pump the new tube up just enough so that it gains its shape.

Set the shaped tube into the slick tire.

Install the slick tire and tube onto the rim by first inserting the valve into the rim hole. Working around the wheel, tuck one side of the tire bead into the rim.

Flip the wheel and repeat tucking on the other side. As you near completion, the last section will need to be pried onto the rim with your hands or by using the tire lever (depending on the tightness).

Pump the tire up to the recommended tire pressure.

Mount the bike onto the trainer by securing the rear axle between the top post cups on the trainer. To do this, tighten the knob on the left side of the trainer until the posts meet your quick release and clamp it firmly. Your bike should now be somewhat centred on the trainer.

Tighten the knob on the bottom rear of the trainer until the magnetic resistance hits your tire. Adjust the resistance to your desired position with the lever on the side of the magnetic case.

Secure your front wheel on the stabilising block by placing the tire into the desired slot.

Start your indoor exercise regimen by hopping on and riding.


When changing your tire and tucking each side of the tire bead into the rim, starting closest to the valve and ending farther away will make it easier to pry the last section on. You may have to pedal your bike in order to determine what adjustment you'd like the for the magnetic resistance. This may involve moving the resistance lever into different positions and hopping on and off of your bike to establish the desired tension.


Pick an area in your house for your spin bike that is out of the way, yet comfortable. While riding, the rear wheel will be spinning. It is easy for unsecured household objects or little fingers to get caught in the spokes.

Things You'll Need

  • mountain bike
  • Schwinn magnetic bike trainer
  • block stabiliser for front wheel
  • 26" slick mountain bike tire
  • 26" tube
  • tire lever
  • bike pump
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