My Philips GoGear Won't Charge

Updated February 21, 2017

The Philips GoGear is a personal audio MP3 player. The player can store and play digital MP3 files. The unit can be powered through a AAA alkaline battery or using power from a computer's USB port. When the battery indicator indicates the battery is low, replace the battery or connect the player to a USB port.

Press the "Power" button to turn the unit on. If the battery indicator is low, the battery needs to be replaced. Turn the player off before changing the battery.

Pull the USB cap outward for removal.

Slide the battery door cover on the side of the GoGear unit outward for removal while the USB cap is removed. The battery door will not slide if the USB cap has not been removed. This will expose the AAA battery.

Lift up on the AAA battery for removal. Insert the new AAA alkaline battery. The positive (+) side of the battery should be facing the USB jack while the negative (-) side of the battery should be facing the back of the unit.

Slide the battery cover back onto the Philips GoGear. Insert the unit back into the computer's USB port

Pull the USB cap outward for removal.

Insert the USB plug on the Philips GoGear into the USB port on a computer if you want to listen to the player without replacing a dead battery.

Turn the computer on.

Things You'll Need

  • AAA battery
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