How to Unlock a Mio C220

Updated March 23, 2017

Mio C220 GPS devices allow people to arrive at various locations more easily. This type of GPS gadget provides directions in voice format and weighs less than 113gr. Though the Mio C220 comes with a number of built-in maps, you have the option to add extra maps if you choose. However, before you install other maps or features, you need to unlock your Mio device.

Attach your Mio GPS to your laptop or desktop with a USB cord.

Look through your GPS device’s flash memory with Windows Explorer. This process happens as a result of the USB connection between your Mio and computer.

Download the data you have to replace in the internal flash memory of your GPS (see Resources). Note that you need to replace the locked files known as miomap.exe,, and license.db on your Mio C220. This allows you to unlock your device and install any additional maps that you desire to place on your GPS.


Mio does not offer support for the unlocking process, so proceed at your own risk, as damage may occur during this procedure.

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