How to stop a direct debit

Written by c. taylor | 13/05/2017
How to stop a direct debit
Stopping a direct debit through your bank. (bank image by Pefkos from

Enabling direct debit allows automatic payments from your bank account to a business, organisation or individual. Usually this is to pay bills or set up regular charitable donations. Some organisations even offer discounts when paying via direct debit. However, you may want to stop direct debits if you have stopped associating with a particular business, your financial situation has changed or you would like more input when paying bills, especially if errors in direct debit amounts have occurred. Stopping a direct debit is facilitated by your bank, although contacting the payee is also advisable.

Contact the payee of the direct debit and explain that you would like to cancel the direct debit. To document the request, send a certified letter. Having proof of your request is valuable in case there are any complications after the changed method of payment.

Log into your online bank account, if applicable, and look for direct debit listings or bill payments. Many banks offer automatic cancellation of direct debits. Other banks may require written documentation of cancellation, so follow their guidelines.

Contact your bank by phone, if you cannot cancel the direct debit online. Ask the proper procedure. Some banks allow cancellation directly over the phone; others might request written documentation or a personal visit to a branch office.

Go to the closest branch office of your bank and request cancellation. If any paperwork is required, it can be accomplished there.

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