How to Identify a Bent Scooter Frame

Updated July 20, 2017

A scooter is a specific type of motorcycle which has a step-through frame and a platform to place your feet. The materials that comprise scooter frames range from heavier metals, such as steel, to lighter cast aluminium frames. After a heavy accident, a twisted headstock, bent frame tubes or flaking paint are all signs of a possible bent frame. Identifying a bent aluminium frame is more difficult and cannot be accurately done simply by looking at it.

Search the body for any chipped paint, bent frame tubes or a twisted headstock.

Find the swingarm, which is the part at the rear wheel which provides the pivot point and mounting location for the rear suspension.

Measure the distance from the front wheel to the right-hand side swingarm.

Measure the distance from the wheel to the left-hand side swingarm.

Compare the two measured distances to make sure they are equal. If they are not equal, you likely have a bent frame.


This article provides a preliminary test of whether your scooter frame is likely bent or not. If you are at all suspicious that your scooter frame is bent, it is safest to additionally seek a professional mechanic's opinion.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
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