How to Make a Durabrand DVD Player Region Free

Updated March 23, 2017

Enjoying an international film is a relaxing pastime for both avid and recreational movie watchers. This can easily turn into frustration when your international DVD is inoperable in your DVD player. DVD region locks are placed on many DVDs to preserve distribution rights, making the movies unwatchable on players sold in other geographical areas. Entering specific unlock codes in Durabrand models 1002, 2005 and LEDVD070 allows these devices to play discs from any region.

Power on the DVD player. Open the DVD tray using the "Eject" button.

Enter the code "359753" using the remote control. A listing of region codes will appear on the screen.

Select region "0" using the up/down controls on the remote control.

Select "OK" on the remote control. Your Durabrand DVD1002 player is now unlocked and region free.

Power on your DVD player. Press the "Eject" button to open the DVD tray.

Press "Stop" on your remote control. Enter the code "2379" using your remote control.

The "Region Menu" will appear on your screen. Select region "0" using the up/down buttons on your remote control.

Close the DVD tray. Press the "Standby" button on your player. Your player is now set up to play all region DVDs.

Power the player on. Press the "Standby" button on the remote control. This will place the player into standby mode.

Press the "Standby" button on the remote control again to power on the unit. Open the DVD tray by pressing the "open/close" button.

Press the "Clear" button. Enter code "13690" on your remote control's keypad.

Press the "Open/Close" button to close the DVD tray. Press the "Standby" button to power off your DVD player.

Press the "Standby" button to power your unit back on. Your DVD player is now configured to play DVDs from all regions.


Each Durabrand DVD player has a specific unlock code. The codes listed above are for the Durabrand models listed in this article. To search for other Durabrand unlock codes see the resources section.


Unlocking your DVD player may void its warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • Durabrand DVD player 1002, 2005 or LEDVD0701
  • Remote control
  • DVD with a region lock
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