How to Convert a Wired USB to a Wireless USB

Updated March 20, 2017

Wireless USB connections are convenient ports for your computer's peripheral devices, such as a router or wireless printer. You can convert your wired USB connection into a wireless connection by purchasing and installing a wireless USB adaptor. Once the adaptor is plugged in and the software is installed, any wireless, USB-capable device will be able to connect to your computer without a USB cable.

Locate and purchase a wireless USB adaptor from your local electronics store.

Plug the adaptor into the USB port on your computer. Desktop computers may have USB ports only on the back of the machine, or on both sides. Laptop computers may have USB ports on either side, or on the rear of the machine.

Wait for Windows to automatically install the adaptor's software. A small balloon will appear near your system clock, alerting you when the software has been successfully installed. If the software fails to install, click on the balloon and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the adaptor installation. Be prepared to insert the software CD that comes with the USB device when prompted by the Windows installer.

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