How to use jura descaling tablets

Updated April 17, 2017

Any appliance that uses water can get scale build-up. This is caused by mineral deposits, especially lime. Scale affects the performance of the machine because it attaches itself to the coils used for heating, in the case of coffeemakers, and cooling, as in icemakers. You will begin to see little particles that flake off in the coffee. While not dangerous, these can be unappetizing and affect the taste. Jura Descaling Tablets are simple to use and will help extend the life of your coffeemaker.

Place a filter into your coffeemaker. Mix three Jura Descaling tablets and 3 cups of water.

Stir the mixture well. Allow the tablets to dissolve completely in the water.

Pour half of the solution into the reservoir of your coffeemaker. Turn on the coffeemaker as if you were going to make coffee. Let the mixture drip through the filter and cool down.

Remove the pot and pour out the water. Remove the filter and replace with another filter. Pour the other half of the mixture into the reservoir and turn on the coffeemaker.

Examine the water after it drips through the filter. It should be clear with no specks floating in it. Let the dripping stop and let the coffeemaker cool down. Pour out the water and discard the filter.

Run the coffeemaker through two cycles with only water before making coffee or tea to remove any taste of the descaling tablets.


Clean all washable parts of your coffeemaker after each use. Use the descaling tablets at least four times a year.


Never place the electric part of your coffeemaker in water.

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