How to Report an Untaxed Car

Updated August 08, 2017

An untaxed car is a motorised vehicle with an expired number plate. Even if the car has remained in a car park or driveway, the number plate must be up-to-date per department of motor vehicles (DMV) regulations. Reporting an untaxed car to the government is a simple process, just a matter of acquiring basic information on the vehicle and possibly its owner.

Write down the car's number plate number, model type, make and colour. It is recommended that you also provide the owner's name and address. Undoubtedly, this is only possible if the owner is a neighbour or acquaintance.

Get the number and location of your local department of motor vehicles. Access and select your state. Enter your postcode. A list of addresses and phone numbers will appear.

Contact the DMV and provide the information you obtained. Also, be sure to provide the car's current location.


The DMV will not disclose your name to the car owner. If the car is yours, pay the fee. You do not need to report your own expired number plates, but you should pay the fee immediately to make sure your car is in good standing.

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