How to Install an Oil Cooler on a Motorcycle

Written by marlon trotsky | 13/05/2017
How to Install an Oil Cooler on a Motorcycle
An oil cooler can lower engine temperatures up to 10 degrees C. (motorcycle image by Bionic Media from

Riding your motorcycle during the hot summer months may have an adverse effect on your bike, one that could go largely unnoticed until it becomes a problem. The high temperatures zap the additives in your oil, thereby reducing your engine's overall performance and efficiency. To rectify this problem, you may want to consider installing an oil cooler to help regulate your engine's temperature, and ensure that it maintains an operating temperature of around 104 degrees C.

Turn off the ignition. Mount the cooler kit along the left frame downtube, where it doesn't interfere with foot control. To do this, slide a pair of clamps around the downtube, then tighten the two mounting bolts to secure the cooler.

Remove the filter adaptor by unscrewing the five allen screws, then slide a dripping pan under the bike to collect the oil drip. Separate the adaptor into two parts.

Mount the back half of the adaptor onto the oil filter flange, making sure to secure the oil lines beforehand. Place the seal on the front half of the adaptor, and reattach it to the back half. Install the pre-assembled oil cooler with the unit's mounting screws.

Swap out the original filter with a replacement, then fill it about halfway before mounting it to the adaptor. Cut the adaptor's twin hoses, and attach them to the oil cooler with hose clamps.

Make sure all the fittings are secure, then run the engine and inspect the cooler for any leaks. Turn the engine off, and fill the oil tank to about 3 1/2 quarts.

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