How to Use a Mortise Chisel Bit Set

Updated February 21, 2017

Mortise and chisel bits create hollowed out holes for building mortise and tenon joints. These chisel and bit sets are specifically designed for this purpose. In order to use these bits, a drill press with a mortising attachment is required. The mortising attachment fastens to the quill of the drill press, acting as a guide for the mortise bit. A mortising machine is also used for dedicated mortising.

Set up the mortise machine or attachment fence to the desired dimension.

Set the depth of the mortise with the depth stop.

Place the test piece on the table and tighten the hold down arms, allowing the test piece to move horizontally on the table.

Align the test piece on the table and cut the test hole by moving the mortising machine or drill press arm downward.

Adjust the mortise until proper alignment is achieved on the test piece.

Remove the test piece, replacing it with the actual work piece and complete the mortise.


The instructions with the mortising tool precede this document.


Loose shirt sleeves must be rolled up to the elbow when working with drilling machines. Always wear protective safety glasses when working with tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill press or mortising machine
  • Mortising bit and chisel
  • Wood test piece
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