How to make ceiling drapes for events

The best way to learn how to drape a ceiling for a special event is by draping a small room in your own home first. If you have a daughter, this may be the perfect time for a canopy bedroom makeover. Paint the walls in a soft colour and make the canopy white for contrast. You can also learn how to add small lights inside the canopy. This test run will give you a good understanding of what you will need and how much it will cost to decorate a larger event venue.

Measure the room and find the ceiling centre point you will use as the starting point of your swags. Locate the ceiling joist with a stud finder and screw two sturdy screw eyes into the joist 12 inches apart.

Purchase a 12-inch white wire wreath at the craft store.

Measure from the centre of the ceiling to a corner and from the corner to the floor and add 24 inches. Cut four pieces of white semi-sheer voile to this size. Tie one end of the voile securely to the wreath. Tie each of the other three pieces to the wreath one-quarter of the distance around the wreath.

Measure from the centre of the ceiling to the centre of a wall and from the wall to the floor. Add 24 inches. Cut two pieces of voile. Measure from the centre of the ceiling to the centre of the adjacent wall and from the wall to the floor, adding another 24 inches. Cut two pieces of voile this length.

Tie your first two pieces to the wreath opposite each other. Tie your second two pieces opposite each other. Attach your wreath to your ceiling screw eyes with wire. Make sure you align your wreath so that your wall toile pieces are in line with the correct walls.

Attach damage-free adhesive hooks at each corner wall just below the ceiling and centred on each wall. Bring each piece of toile to its hook. Wrap fishing wire around the toile and hook to secure the draping to the hook. (If you do a test run with a canopy, use a more permanent method of securing the hooks.)


It is a good idea to step off the ladder frequently to adjust the drape of your ceiling swag as you are hanging it. Add fake flowers or other decorations to the wreath and at each hook. String lights from the wreath to the walls. The removable adhesive hooks will not damage the walls of event venues, but they are a bit expensive so be careful how many you use.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Stud finder
  • Screw eyes
  • White wire wreath
  • Fishing wire
  • White semi-sheer toile
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Damage-free adhesive hooks
  • Scissors
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