How to Program a Garmin Etrex GPS

Updated April 17, 2017

The Garmin eTrex GPS uses satellite signals to determine your physical location, guide you back to a location or track your route as you travel. Before you use and program your Garmin eTrex, it must locate your position first. Take it out to an open area, so that the eTrex can pick up the satellite signals. Garmin no longer manufactures the eTrex.

Create a home waypoint. Press the "Page" button on the side of the eTrex, in order to change to the "Menu" page. Press either "Up" or "Down" and highlight the "Mark" field. When you press "Enter," the "Mark Waypoint" page appears. Highlight the flag symbol by pressing "Up" and then scroll through the symbols. Select the house symbol and press "Enter."

Track your movements by pressing the "Page" button to get to the "Map" page. The animated figure in the centre of the screen represents you and moves as you walk in any direction.

Point the eTrex toward a specific location (such as a previous waypoint), called a "Goto." Return to the "Waypoints" page, as mentioned in Step 1, and select "Home." Press "Enter" and on the "Review Waypoint" page, press the "Up" or "Down" buttons to highlight the "Goto," pressing "Enter" once more to set. This causes the "Navigation" page to appear, which guides you to the waypoint location.


Waypoints are stored on your "Waypoints" page for easy reference.

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