How to make a pyramid at home with sugar cubes

A sugar cube pyramid serves as a rainy day art project that also teaches kids about culture and math. As you build the pyramid, you discover how to arrange different shapes together and create equal sized pieces. Kids can even use the project when learning about ancient Egypt and attempt to figure out how the original pyramids were built. When the pieces are arranged together, they make a small pyramid of sugar cubes.

Separate the egg yolk from the egg and pour the egg white into a small bowl. Lightly beat the egg with a whisk and add a dash of cream of tartar. Once the mixture forms soft peaks, add ΒΌ cup icing sugar. Continue whisking, adding a small amount of icing sugar at a time until everything is thoroughly combined.

Brush the egg white mixture, which acts as a glue or mortar, on the cardboard. Line 10 sugar cubes on each side of the cardboard to create a square. This serves as the base of your pyramid.

Create a second square with 36 sugar cubes, using nine sugar cubes on each side. Brush the square with the egg white mixture and place it on top of your first square. Brush with more egg white to secure the squares together.

Make additional squares, decreasing the sides by one sugar cube each time. Every time you make a new square of sugar cubes, brush it with the egg white mixture and stack on top of the last square. When you reach the top of the pyramid, brush more egg white on the top and add one sugar cube in the centre.

Brush the outside of the pyramid with more of the egg white mixture. This acts as a mortar and glues the pieces together. Once the egg white dries, add a coat of clear sealant and let that dry as well. Coat the pyramid with spray paint, if you prefer colour.


Use white glue to hold the pieces together if you don't have time to make the egg white mixture.

Things You'll Need

  • Egg
  • Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Cream of tartar
  • 1 ½ cups icing sugar
  • Sugar cubes
  • Pastry brush
  • Cardboard
  • Clear sealant
  • Spray paint (optional)
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