Lascal BuggyBoard Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Lascal BuggyBoard attaches to your stroller to create a place for your toddler or older child to ride while you push your baby. It eliminates the need to purchase a double stroller for a child who will want to walk at least part of the way, and provides a place for the older child to take a break when he needs one. Use the Lascal BuggyBoard-Maxi for children from about 2 years old up to 20 Kilogram and on a stroller between 12 and 21 inches wide.

Place the buggy board topside down on a flat surface with the outside of the step facing you.

Insert the wheels into the holes on the left and right closest to you. Press until the wheels click into place.

Insert the connector arms into the holes on the left and the right side farthest away from you. Press until the arms click into place.

Position the connector pieces on the stroller tubing above the wheels facing either forward or backward, according to your stroller.

Bend the strap so it fits around the tubing of the stroller and thread the strap through the connector cover slot, pulling carefully. The connector should be placed so that the arm can reach the connector and they are at the lowest possible point on the stroller while not interfering with the stroller folding closed. Also check that the arm does not reach the brakes or wheels of the stroller.

Loosen the connector strap after positioning and place the friction tape under the connector's correct position, pulling the strap tight this time.

Turn the connector bolt clockwise to fix the connector in place. Check to be sure the stroller can fold and brake correctly, repositioning the connector if necessary.

Turn the BuggyBoard upright onto its wheels.

Turn the height adjustment screws on the arms of the board counterclockwise with a screwdriver until they are barely released.

Move the arms forward until they correspond to the connectors installed on the stroller tubing, then retighten the screws.

Measure the distance between the connectors on the stroller to choose the correct cottar pin location. If the distance is 12.4 to 17.2 inches, place the cottar pins on the inside of the arms. If the distance is 17.2 to 21.6 inches, place the cottar pins on the outside of the arms.

Insert the cottar pins in one of the three holes of each arm, lining up the BuggyBoard with the stroller to determine the correct position that will leave room for your child while still being as close as possible to the stroller.

Unscrew the fixing screws.

Click the cottar pins into the connectors on the stroller after adjusting the arms to the appropriate width, then tighten the fixing screws. Be sure to check that the cottar pins are locked into the arms and that the board is centred between the arms.

Unlock the height adjustment screws and rotate the board until it is level. Tighten the screws when complete. The BuggyBoard is now ready for use.


Lascal BuggyBoard also has a mini version of their product for smaller strollers.

Things You'll Need

  • Lascal BuggyBoard-Maxi
  • Screwdriver
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