How to Block Specific Phone Numbers From Calling You

Updated March 23, 2017

The process to block specific phone numbers from calling your phone number involves the use of the call block or call screen function. This feature routes incoming calls from a blocked phone number to a recorded message that informs the caller you are not accepting calls. Depending on the phone service provider, you can place up to 10 numbers to the blocked callers list. The feature can be turned off and on from the phone's handset.

Pick up the phone handset and listen for the dial tone. Dial "*60" on the phone's keypad. If you are dialling from a rotary phone, dial "1160."

Follow the system prompts and enter the phone number you want to block when directed. Listen for confirmation the number was added to the blocked callers list.

Add additional phone numbers to be blocked when prompted. Hang up the phone when you receive confirmation all the numbers were added.


Turn off call block or call screen by dialling "*80" on the phone keypad or "1180" on a rotary phone.

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