How to Stop MSNBC Breaking News Emails

Updated March 23, 2017 offers viewers an opportunity to subscribe to breaking news alerts that will be delivered to the subscriber's inbox. If you're using Microsoft Outlook and are receiving unwanted MSNBC e-mails, you may be signed into the website's RSS feed, which will appear as breaking news e-mails in your Outlook e-mail account. To get rid of this, you must delete the RSS feed from your Outlook account.

Sign in to your Microsoft Outlook account. You will need to enter in your user name and password to get access to the account.

Click on "Tools" and choose the option for "Account Settings." On the new tab, click on the option for "RSS Feeds."

Scroll through the various feeds you are subscribed to and locate the feed for MSNBC. Select the MSNBC feed and click the button to "Remove." The feed will then be deleted from your Outlook account, stopping the e-mails from entering your inbox.


If the fix still does not work, contact MSNBC's tech support at its website (see Resources) and report the error. If you do not have Microsoft Outlook and are still receiving breaking news e-mails, you will need to turn off the RSS feed using steps similar to those already described.

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