How to Send Cell Phone Credit to Jamaica

Written by chanel adams | 13/05/2017
How to Send Cell Phone Credit to Jamaica
You can send cell phone credits to a friend or relative in Jamaica. (Jamaica map image by Vladislav Gajic from

If you have a prepaid phone, you have the option to add minutes, or credits, whenever you need. Without credits, you cannot send text messages or make phone calls. Your cell phone provider may allow you to send credits to a friend or family member in need. This "airtime remittance" also works for those living in other countries, like Jamaica. Before you attempt to send cell phone credits, make sure you have the correct phone number, since cell phones in Jamaica have seven-digit phone numbers.

Dial the transfer PIN number. This is located on the back of the minute card. If you cannot find it, call your cell phone provider.

Enter the amount you wish to send to the recipient. For example, enter "10" if you intend to send £6.

Dial the person's phone number. Enter "00" before the 7-digit number. For example, "00-xxx-xxxx."

Compose a message, if the credit is going through text message. Enter, "Send X credits to 00-xxx-xxxx," (amount and recipient's phone number), without quotes.

Wait for a confirmation message. Your cell phone provider will let you know if the credits were sent successfully. The recipient will receive the credits, including instructions about retrieving them.

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