How to Troubleshoot a Swann DVR4 Advantage

Updated February 21, 2017

Swann's DVR4-Advantage four-channel digital video recorder (DVR) can be used with any television, monitor or security camera. The tapeless design simplifies maintenance, and the device is ready to record security incidents as soon as you connect cameras. Problems with the Swann DVR4-Advantage can include set-up issues, poor recording quality and excessive hard drive use due to problems with scheduling. Problems like these can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Plug in the power supply that came with the DVR if the Swann DVR4-Advantage won't turn on. The power supply should have a 12-volt output and the centre pin must be positive. Anything else won't work. After connecting, the system will boot up and start to check the hard disk. If the wrong power supply is used, a power error will be displayed and the system will ask if you want to recover the HDD (hard disk drive) at the next start up. Select "Enter" to confirm.

Change the frame rate if the images are choppy. A higher frame rate will result in smoother images, but will use more hard drive space. From the Main Menu, choose "Record Frame Rate." Adjust the video quality too. From the Main Menu, look for "Video Quality" and choose "High" if video quality is poor.

Adjust the "Record Schedule" from the main menu if the DVR4-Advantage hard drive keeps filling up and overwriting older recordings. The video record method can be set to Time, Sensor Triggered, Motion Triggered or No Record. The default mode is Continuous. Change this to reduce hard disk usage.

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