How to Hookup a Turntable to an AV Receiver

Updated February 21, 2017

Turntables used to be the domain of the professional DJ; now it is not uncommon for an audio hobbyist, professional party planner or amateur DJ to own a turntable. One result of their increasing popularity is that turntables are very easy to connect. You don't need to be a professional sound engineer to connect a turntable to an audio video (AV) receiver properly. Following a few simple steps, you can have the two connected in no time.

Attach one end of the RCA audio cables to the RCA audio out ports on the turntable, ensuring the colour-coded plugs are attached to the same coloured inputs on the device.

Connect the other end of the RCA audio cables to one of the RCA audio inputs on the AV receiver. Take note of the input to which you connect the cables and how it is labelled.

Tune the AV receiver to the corresponding input. If the RCA cables from the turntable are plugged into "Input 1," for example, tune the AV receiver to input 1 using the input select control. The labelling and location of this button will vary depending on the make and model of your AV receiver, but it will typically be labelled "input," "input select," or the like. Press it repeatedly until the AV receiver is set to the correct input and, you should hear audio from the turntable through the AV receiver's speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA audio cables
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